Free Denims For Your Time At Portia

I love farming games. Harvest Moon? Rune Factory? Love them. Stardew Valley? That too.

So, I have high hopes for My Time At Portia, the farming lifestyle game that hits your consoles on the 16th of this month. If you get in early, you’ll get a free pair of denims. I’m serious. Not real-life denims. Game denims. Virtual Denims - what I like to call “VD”.

Take a look at this video. Game looks nice, eh? From our pals at Team17 anaw. And there’s a big bear waving at you, and he looks like he’s off his dome on all that farm-grown MDMA.

What’s your favourite farming game?

My Time At Portia comes to Nintendo Switch, PS4 and Xbox One on April 16th 2019. Pre-order to receive the Housewarming Gift Set!