Shadowgate Returns! (Again)

The recent PC do-over of the classic old point and click dungeon-explorer Shadowgate is coming to consoles on the 11th of April. That means you can buy it for your Switch and explore the big scary castle on the move.

I’ve got a real soft spot for this game. It’s not perfect, but it’s atmospheric, difficult and very old-school. It’s full of hard puzzles, red herrings and unfair deaths. But there’s just something about it. A kind of nostalgic magic.

I recommend checking it out if you’re interested in old games made new (but not too new).

Here’s a wee video from back when the Kickstarter for the remake launched, with the original designers talking to you like a couple of friendly old das.

New Game With Wee Lassies In It Out On Switch Today

For fans of games featuring wee lassies cutting about fighting and that and making wee lassie noises while wearing clothes that wee lassies wear, there is a new wee lassie game out on Switch today.

It’s called Croixleur Sigma, and here’s a brand new screenshot of a wee lassie wearing glasses and rabbit ears like a wee rabbit, fuck knows.

Haud oan. “Gentleman’s Hair”? Might need to try this one out actually.

Haud oan. “Gentleman’s Hair”? Might need to try this one out actually.

It’s too easy to make a snap judgement on these wee lassie games, so maybe we should actually review them before we say anything. That would be the proper journalistic thing to do. The games might not actually be as dodgy as they look. I mean, it’s only 13 quid, and it features “hack and slash action”, and we all love a bit of that.

So let’s not be too judgey, and we’ll just—


Aw here noo.

Come on tae fuck, man.

FIRST LOOK: Gems Of War - Nintendo Switch

FIRST LOOK: Gems Of War - Nintendo Switch

When you’re playing Gems of War on your wee Nintendo Switch, there’s a thought that hangs in your head - a thought you can’t easily ignore. That thought is: “I’m playing absolute garbage.”

But is it garbage? Is it really? Or have we just been programmed to instantly assume that any kind of easy-to-play, real money-sapping free-to-play game is automatically a bad thing built on weak foundations? What is our response when we enjoy every second of that ever-satisfying match-three gameplay loop? What do we do then? Where is your god now?

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