Billy J Bomb

Hiya, Ryan here. We’ve used Billy Joel a few times in consolevania, he was the first musician I properly got into, I used to see my dad on the weekends and I’d borrow his records for the week. I was about eight or nine I’m sure. For loads of years I considered it a major riddy to be into Billy Joel but that’s firmly in the past. He’s written so many beautiful songs!

Did you know that Paul McCarty once said in an interview that if there was one song he wished he’d written it’d be ‘Just The Way You Are’ by Bill? You do now.

Except for a couple of dodgy ones, I love all his albums, including ‘Songs in the Attic’ which this song is from. Enjoy!

David Gray - Gold In A Brass Age

David Gray has always been some man. Please Forgive Me is an all-time belter, and no mistake. But sometimes singer-songwriters hit a new level when they get to a certain age. Now, we love this music video, and this song, and these trousers. Gold In A Brass Age is an absolute beauty, and you need to get it in your ears TODAY.

Gold In A Brass Age is the title track taken from David Gray's new album.



Rab here. We caught up with our good pal Iain Cook from the amazing CHVRCHES recently, to talk about computer games the way guys talk about computer games when they talk about computer games.

Here is the chat, presented in a typical Q&A format, as first popularised by the guy who interviewed Jesus back in the day for the Nazareth Daily Express.

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Mac DeMarco is cool as fuck. He seems like a funny guy, and his songs are brilliant. His songs all sound a bit like lying in your back garden on a sunny day when you’re fourteen. And we’re all fourteen deep down inside, aren’t we?

Here he is as a cowboy lizard man singing his brand new song Nobody. It’s from his upcoming album “Here Comes The Cowboy”.

BABYBIRD - The Weight Of My Sin

Babybird and Consolevania go together like chips and curry sauce. Here’s a new one from Stephen Jones, and you can find it on the new Babybird compilation Happy Stupid Nothing.

Taken from the new Babybird compilation 'Happy Stupid Nothing'. Out now. Order the Limited edition gatefold CD and download at More music at: Written by Stephen Jones